July 1, 2009

Teach Engineering

This is a cool website that teaches how thing work and are made. They have curricular units, lesson plans, videos, follow up, links, etc. You can search by subject or just browse through the list of subjects. Stuff for K-12.

Here's what they said about their website:

The curriculum in this collection is organized by:

Subject Areas (each with numerous units from which to choose)
Curricular units (multi-week groupings of lessons)
Lessons (include associated activities)
Activities (stand-alone or part of lessons or units)

Activity: This is what the students "do," which helps them achieve the lesson and activity's learning objective(s). An activity document includes a materials list and procedures (among many other curricular components). An activity may be stand-alone or part of a lesson.

Lesson: A lesson provides learning instruction and includes background, introduction and assessment information for teachers (among many other curricular components). A lesson's one or more associated activities are provided in separate linked activity documents.

Unit: A unit is a longer-term, theme-based learning experience composed of multiple lessons and/or activities.

Some of these items are stand-alone, and others are organized hierarchically with activities comprising lessons, which in turn comprise units, which fall under one or more broad subject areas.

Use the links at the left to browse the entire collection, sorted by the hierarchical levels.

OR, use the Search option to find curricula that meet your needs. Search by educational standards, keywords, grade level, time required or expendable cost per group.

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